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Helen Ryan before weight lossIn this book I show you what WORKS, what doesn’t and how to get over the mental hurdles that keep you from the body you WANT.

Drawn from my own experience of being obese I share with you my weight loss story—the struggles, tears and finally success as I went from a size 20 to a size 10 months.

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21 Days to Change Your Body Review

21 days to change your bodyFantastic book. I read it straight through and I’m now starting it again! Helen unlocks the mystery to weight loss and “puts the key in your hands.” You can use the principles in all aspects of your life, which allows me to come out of any given situation stronger, physically and mentally than I went in. Great book Helen, thank you! (
Weight loss reviewHard to put down. This book is incredibly inspirational and well written by someone who also struggled with weight loss. 21 Days to Change Your Body is a must for anyone who wants to live a healthy happy life! Bye bye yo-yo diets, hello to living. (
Weight loss book reviewA must read! I admire this single mother of two children, who has tackled life’s challenges with grace & determination to not let her past circumstances dictate her future. After reading the book I’ve gained more insight on how to control my eating habits, and practical ways in which to improve my thinking towards losing the excess pounds I’ve gained over the years.  Helen has an incredible story to share! (
Weight loss reviewMy inspiration! Helen Ryan has been a constant inspiration to me since I met her. I began attending the gym she teaches spin at NC3 Fitness in Murrieta, CA 3 yrs. ago. Not many people can get me out of bed early on a Saturday morning(!)but I found myself wanting to go “spin with Helen.” I love the way her book is written.  It’s so easy to read and understand, and the way it’s laid out in days, makes it easy to keep track if there’s a section you want to go back to. I had to laugh at her quirky little sayings, the chocolate comments, and many things I’ve actually heard her say to me over the years. I love that she is able to share her fun methods and ideas with people anywhere using this book! (
A simple plan, an amazing transformation. This book, by a woman who has been there, is incredibly inspiring. Unlike many books about losing weight, living healthier, and making changes, 21 Days to Change Your Life is by a writer who has been there, who has fought her way back to health, and who acknowledges that we all screw up now and then…even when we know better. Written in a straight-forward, even funny, voice, the author gives you a kick in the butt while at the same time offering a friendly hug that lets you know that she’s been where you are and knows firsthand how hard it is to change. It’s like having your own personal cheerleader beside you. (
This book is a real winner. Let me start by saying that when I first picked up my kindle to read this book, it was with the intention to read a few pages just to get a sense of the content. A couple of hours later and I was still reading…a sensible no-nonsense approach to health makes this book a real winner. (
A fantastic companion for anyone working on some lifestyle makeovers. There are no doctors or scientists quoted. No statistics shoved down our throats to scare us into eating better. No cheesy platitudes or rah-rah-rah cheerleading. Rather, she lays out 21 new good habits you can start implementing into your lifestyle gradually – one a day, or month, or at whatever pace suits you. (

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